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Q. How can I book a reading with you?

A. Go to and click on the button that says “Schedule Now”. From there you can choose to schedule either a session In Person in my Bozeman, MT studio or a session by telephone. PLEASE NOTE-All Telephone appointments require pre-payment.  Payment and scheduling are separate functions.  Click here for step-by-step instructions How to book a reading.

Q.  Hey Kathleen-If you are a real psychic then why don’t you just predict your lucky lotto numbers and retire as a billionaire?

A. Great question!  I would love to answer you with something like “Gosh-I love my job so much that I would actually do it for free!  Who needs money?”  Haha.  But the truth is REAL PSYCHICS are not fortune tellers.   The stereotype of psychics wearing turbans, hoop earrings and consulting a crystal ball is an outlandishly made up pop culture myth a’la Madame Cleo.  Authentic Psychics have been around many centuries longer than this bizarre stereotype.  Psychics can be found in some of the world’s most ancient literature (think 470 B.C. and the metaphysical work of Socrates).  The word “Psychic” comes from the Greek word psychikos meaning “of the soul”.  In my practice as a Psychic I do not read minds.  I do not tell fortunes.  I do not predict winning lottery numbers, etc…  In my practice as a Psychic I partner with my client to use the energy I sense from their aura to decode information from the client’s soul to illuminate upcoming opportunities that lay ahead.  As a psychic I am also able to access through my clients energy field past, present and future information that may help them to optimize their current earthly existence.

Q. Can you contact my dead relative for me? I want to know what they have to tell me.

A. Maybe. Let me clarify that I am NOT a medium. I do not speak directly to the dead or channel (allow the dead to speak through me).  A psychic is different than a medium.  Not all mediums are psychic and not all psychics are mediums. For myself as a psychic if you have  the presence of someone who has died connected to your aura I can pick up information but only if that deceased person is still energetically connected to you. If this happens the info that comes through can be very, very specific. It does not always happen, but when it does it is extremely specific.  Please note-the dead do not become omniscient or omnipotent after they leave their bodies. They are still very much the same soul you knew when they were alive-they just don’t have a physical body any longer.  *** Bringing a photo of the loved one you would like to connect with to your session can be very helpful***

Q. Can you record my reading?

A. No. I do not record my sessions. YOU can always record your session or take notes on the information I give you. If you do plan to record your session please prepare your recording equipment before hand so that you aren’t spending your session trying to get your recording device to work. One note of advice on recordings of psychic sessions-You may want to choose very wisely whom you allow to listen to your reading. The information I provide to you may be sensitive in nature and private.

Q. I saw another psychic in New York who said I had a curse on me. She asked for money to remove the curse. I didn’t pay the money and she told me that the curse will remain until I pay her. Can you remove the curse? How much will it cost?

A. I am so very sorry that you had that unfortunate experience. Let me explain what happened to you. Firstly the person who told you this is not a psychic. That person was a con artist and a liar. Secondly you do not carry a curse on you because curses are not real. Unfortunately in the New Age industry there are many frauds, con artists and liars. To avoid getting scared, ripped off or harassed in the future only utilize the services of psychics who are known to be reputable. How do you find out if a psychic has a good reputation? Ask the psychic for a reference or check out online reviews from the clientele of the psychic you want to work with before you make your appointment.

Q. How much do your readings cost?

A. My readings range in price depending on how much time you want to book and what service you would like to book. My prices are clearly listed on my website.

Q. I would like to have a reading but I don’t want anyone to know I used a psychic for guidance.

A. I hold the information discussed between myself and my clients in the strictest of confidence.

Complete Confidentiality is assured.

Q. How often can I come in for a reading?

A. The frequency of sessions that you book is up to you. I suggest that you come back again when you have new questions to ask that are different than the ones you asked in your previous sessions. Most clients choose to work with me once every 6 weeks to once every 3 months. I also have clients that come to see me only once a decade. The frequency in which you visit with me is entirely up to you. One word of note: If you book with frequency and do not see any of the changes or opportunities happening in your life that we spoke about you may want to wait longer in between sessions or look closely at the choices you are making regarding your questions to examine whether or not you are taking action in your life to create movement and growth.

Q. I saw a psychic when I was in High School that told me I was destined to meet my soul mate when I was 23 and marry him and have five children. I am now 33, I have no Soul Mate and no children. I am afraid I will grow old alone and at this point I don’t feel I will ever have my own family. What went wrong?

A. What went wrong? You listened to and believed that “psychic”. The information you got from that “psychic” was not accurate. “Psychic” is a word that is Greek in origin and means “of the soul”. A true Psychic reads the energy of your soul and interprets it back to you in language. The information a true psychic gives you is not gong to focus on anything that has to do with destiny or fate. Destiny and fate are not forces you have to believe in if you are a believer in Free Will. Free Will dictates that by being in charge of your choices you create your future as you live it. Free Will also allows you to revise choices that you have made at any time, thereby re-routing the path you take to get from one point in your life to the next. To fix the predicament you are in right now you need to believe that it is entirely possible that you will meet your future life partner and create a family and then set about making choices that support your vision.

Q. How can I prepare for my reading with you?

A. To prepare for your reading you may want to write down the questions you wanted to know answers to before your session. Bring the questions with you but DO NOT SHOW THEM TO ME. Just keep them with you for reference. At the end of your session I will ask you if you got all your questions answered and at that time you can look at the list to make certain we got it all answered.

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