Ta-Dah! Here it is-the winning story from the Halloween Ghost Story contest. This year’s winner gets a free one hour reading with me. Congratulations to A.N. of Billings!

This story has all the right elements to scare the pants off of you-growling beasts, unexplained noises and things that go bump-in-the-night. The following is a true account of a paranormal encounter.  Read with caution!

I was house/ dog sitting for a family. While they were gone I was staying the nights, tending to their dogs. They had a basement half finished and half unfinished. I went to bed on the main floor and shut the door to the bedroom while the dogs lay on the floor,.. Then as I was getting ready to fall asleep, the dog that never barks starting growling at the door, which freaked me out bad! I tried to calm her down, but she was upset. So I decided she must have to go to the bathroom.  I headed to the back door but she went to the landing to where the basement started and kept growling.  I went over the basement landing slowly because I was very frightened,… I called to her to come back to the bedroom, and it was like whatever was in that basement was agitating her. She started growling loudly and saliva was dripping from the sides of her mouth. It was as though she had gone completely mad… this dog was a beagle. The dog started doing this lunging jumping growling thing like she was attacking something invisible to me on the stairs. All of the hair on my neck and arms, and legs stood straight up… I wasn’t going down those stairs… no way in hell! I traveled quickly to the bedroom, and called at her 3 times… by this time I could only see the back of her.

There was a shadow that cast upon the wall and moved in front of her. Sudddenly I heard her yelp and she came charging into the bedroom,… I am getting chills even telling the story now.As she ran in, I stood at the door and tried to force it shut.. but it was like something was trying to keep me from shutting it, some how I overpowered it, and locked the door…..

Later on that week when the family came home, I was asked to come to the unfurnished part of the basement. It was now daylight.  The mother asked me if I had ever seen this before. There on the wall was an indented smear print of a hand, except the hand was extremly large and the fingers were very long and weren’t rounded, the tips of the fingers were pointed.  I said no!  She said it wasn’t here when they left.  Later on they invited the local preist to come bless their house.  Good thing!

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