Guided Visualization CD’s

“Meet your Spirit Guides” – with Kathleen Johns. This 30 minute CD will lead you in a Guided Visualization full of information on your Spirit Guides-the energies that facilitate your “higher” self. Join Kathleen on this relaxing and informative journey to discover who your Spirit Guides are and how they are here to help you. $16.95 USD

“Synchronic Lives-Discover Your Past, Present and Future Lives” – with Kathleen Johns.  Kathleen believes that all time- past, present and future- exists now in different dimensions-synchronicity. Many people want to know about past lives, but have you considered exploring your Synchronic Lives? This guided 30 minute CD meditation will help you explore 3 Synchronic Lives to enrich your knowledge of where you have been-and where you are going. $16.95 USD

To order please email Kathleen at Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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