There are several different sessions that you can choose from:

60 Minute Reading – This reading requires 60 minutes. This reading was designed for Kathleen’s first-time clients, clients who have not had a reading in the last 3 months, or someone who has 5-7 questions to ask. $125.00 USD

 90 Minute Reading – This reading takes 90 minutes to complete. This reading covers many aspects of your soul path from natal astrology to life purpose, beneficial relationships, abundance in path and optimal well-being. This reading provides a wealth of psychic information spanning the length of your life. If booking this session please email to Kathleen your date, time and place of birth 24 hours before your scheduled reading time (if possible) to have your natal astrology prepared. $180.00

Follow-Up Reading – This reading requires 30 minutes and is perfect for just a few questions, a quick check in or a follow up to a recent reading.  NOT available to first time clients. $75.00 USD


Reiki Sessions Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. During your Reiki session Kathleen uses her initiation as a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master to infuse your energetic body with this traditional and ancient healing modality used for emotional and physical well-being. Crystals and Aromatherapy are also used in this session to balance and align your Chakra system. This service is part of the Crystal/Reiki/Tarot Combo.       

 Mediumship Sitting–  Connect to loved ones who have crossed over.  Kathleen will use her skills as a trained Medium as a tool to receive information for your highest good and growth from Loved Ones, Ancestors and Spirit Guides that remain with you in your Soul’s Auric Body. Mediumship Sittings are done on a limited basis and are performed In-Person only. Email to inquire about booking.  90 minutes-$250.00 USD-$350.00 USD  Pricing for this service starts at $250.00 with an added charge of $25.00 per additional attendee up to 4 attendees total.


Readings are given over the phone OR in person. All sessions are by appointment only. Same day appointment may be available using schedulicity link.

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