I LOVE to write!

There is something metaphysical about the act of writing, pencil in hand (yes-I write everything out in long hand first on paper), letters turned into syllables that tell a story. The mere act of physical writing is an alchemical action, combining mind, heart and Soul, that transforms those syllables into a kind of palpable energy.

Well, at least that is the hope of the writer, anyway….

Some of my earliest memories of childhood center around writing “books” by cutting out photos and stories from old magazines, pasting them onto blank paper and creating new story lines from them. When I was a teen I had a Letter to The Editor published in the Los Angeles Times which inspired me to get on the staff of my High School newspaper “The Norseman”. In University I continued on with that focus and I hold a BA degree in English Literature with Emphasis on Writing for Film and Television from Montana State University-Bozeman. Today I spend a lot of time writing professionally for my social media posts and blog and I enjoy it but I also enjoy writing about subjects unrelated to my profession as a Master Psychic. Over the years I have been a contributor to a few local Arts and Entertainment Magazines like The Tributary and Bozeman Magazine. Here are some of the fun and interesting articles I have written about my Bozeman community. Enjoy!