YOU were born to
Empaths often get weighted down by unproductive energy that they have taken in-sometimes consciously and sometimes not.
Trouble is that this unproductive energy paralyzes the Empathic Soul into complacency and stagnation resulting in inaction and little progress on the Path of Life.
How to hack this?
Close your eyes… (after you read this, silly!)
IMAGINEΒ that you are walking through a Late Spring meadow….
See yourself with the warm sun shining down on you…
Hear the birds singing and the bees buzzing….
As you walk thru the meadow allow the warm breeze to lift you up and take from you all unsupportive and stagnant energies that weigh you down…
Fell these energies drift away and allow your Aura to fill with the warmth of the Sun and the intoxicating scent of the Earth as it is waking up to Spring.
Open your eyes and realize that your Aura is now weightless and ready to assist you energetically as you make your way thru your day.