Frequently Asked Questions

Go to the page titled, “Schedule Now.” On this page click on the orange Schedulicity button that says “Schedule Now”. Then you can choose to schedule either a session In Person in my studio in Bozeman, or By Phone. All telephone appointments require pre-payment. Payment and scheduling are separate functions.  

Great question!  I would love to answer you with something like “Gosh-I love my job so much that I would actually do it for free!  Who needs money?”  Haha.  But the truth is REAL PSYCHICS are not fortune tellers.   The stereotype of psychics wearing turbans, hoop earrings and consulting a crystal ball is an outlandishly made up pop culture myth a’la Madame Cleo.  Authentic Psychics have been around many centuries longer than this bizarre stereotype.  Psychics can be found in some of the world’s most ancient literature (think 470 B.C. and the metaphysical work of Socrates).  The word “Psychic” comes from the Greek word psychikos meaning “of the soul”.  In my practice as a Psychic I do not read minds.  I do not tell fortunes.  I do not predict winning lottery numbers, etc…  In my practice as a Psychic I partner with my client to use the energy I sense from their aura to decode information from the client’s soul to illuminate upcoming opportunities that lay ahead.  As a psychic I am also able to access through my clients energy field past, present and future information that may help them to optimize their current earthly existence.  I cannot guarantee that a specific topic or connection will come through in our session nor do I claim 100% accuracy in my interpretations of what I see.  As with all forms of art, like the Divinatory Arts that I use in my work process, results will vary from session to session and soul to soul.  Each session is as unique as you are.

Yes. I am a natural born Evidentiary Medium and by utilizing this ability and the additional training I have participated in I give my client evidence that proves the continuity of life by providing details I could not possibly know otherwise. Through a Mediumship Sitting you will be in contact with those who have crossed over into the Afterlife. Booking a Mediumship Sitting requires a short phone interview with me to go over how to prepare for this service and what to expect.  Please email me at to inquire about booking this special service. 

No. I do not allow audio or video recordings of sessions.  You are encouraged to take notes.

I am so very sorry that you had that unfortunate experience in New York.  Let me explain what happened to you. Firstly the person who told you this is not a professional psychic. That person was a con artist and a liar. Secondly you do not carry a curse on you because curses are not real. Unfortunately in the New Age industry there are many frauds, con artists and liars. To avoid getting scared, ripped off or harassed in the future only utilize the services of psychics who are known to be reputable. How do you find out if a psychic has a good reputation? Ask the psychic for a reference or check out online reviews from the clientele of the psychic you want to work with before you make your appointment. 

My readings range in price depending on how much time you want to book and what service you would like to book. My prices are clearly listed on my website.

I hold the information discussed between myself and my clients in the strictest of confidence.

Complete Confidentiality is assured.

The frequency of sessions that you book is up to you. I suggest that you come back again when you have new questions to ask that are different than the ones you asked in your previous sessions. Most clients choose to work with me once every 6 weeks to once every 3 months. I also have clients that come to see me only once a decade. The frequency in which you visit with me is entirely up to you. One word of note: If you book with frequency and do not see any of the changes or opportunities happening in your life that we spoke about you may want to wait longer in between sessions or look closely at the Free Will choices you are making regarding your questions to examine whether or not you are taking effective action in your life to create movement and growth.  As a Master Psychic I function as an interpreter.  I do not instruct my clients on what to do.  I simply highlight and clarify opportunities and advise towards utilizing choice making skills to achieve the desired outcome.  The rest is up to you…

. What went wrong? You listened to and believed that “psychic”. The information you got from that “psychic” was not accurate. “Psychic” is a word that is Greek in origin and means “of the soul”. A true Psychic reads the energy of your soul and interprets it back to you in language. The information a true psychic gives you is not gong to focus on anything that has to do with destiny or fate. Destiny and fate are not forces you have to believe in if you are a believer in Free Will. Free Will dictates that by being in charge of your choices you create your future as you live it. Free Will also allows you to revise choices that you have made at any time, thereby re-routing the path you take to get from one point in your life to the next. To fix the predicament you are in right now you need to believe that it is entirely possible that you will meet your future life partner and create a family and then set about making choices that support your vision.

To prepare for your reading you may want to write down the questions you wanted to know answers to before your session. Bring the questions with you but DO NOT SHOW THEM TO ME. Just keep them with you for reference. At the end of your session I will ask you if you got all your questions answered and at that time you can look at the list to make certain we got it all answered. If we are working by telephone always find a quiet and relaxing space to have your reading in that is free from interruptions.  Keep an open mind during your session.  If you view the information coming forward with limitations it will limit the results you get when you attempt to use the information.  And last but not least always remember that a session with me is not intended as a substitute for legal, medical or psychiatric advisement.