Happy Valentines Day

Love is in the air!  And on this day it may seem, to those of you who 
are not romantically linked to anyone at this time, that EVERYONE BUT 
YOU has a reason to celebrate, honor and delight in their partner.  And 
that perspective can feel lonely, hopeless and sad.  I always find that 
a little shift of perspective, just to view a situation in a bit of a 
different light, can be enough of a shift to change the way you feel.
If you are feeling unloved, left out or uncertain this Valentine’s Day I 
hope you will take hope and inspiration in these simple words:
“You, YOURSELF, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your 
love and affection.”-Buddha
Now go out and practice your Self Love Affirmations, treat yourself as 
your own best friend today (and every day) and give yourself a HUG from 
me.  As you strive to become your best self and radiate the energy that 
you want to receive love will find you if that is your soul’s desire.


Psychic working in the realm of metaphysics. 30+ years of experience and adventures to share about working as a professional psychic.

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