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Kathleen (Jillson) Johns:

Helping People Through Insight and Intuition

By Michele Corriel

Tributary Magazine

March, 2005

For the last thirteen years Kathleen Johns has been helping people find their way using her somewhat unconventional gifts. Kathleen Johns is a psychic, a spiritual coach, helping people to find and attain their life goals, using the tools and the insights she has honed throughout her career.

Exploration of the sixth sense has been in her family for years. Her maternal grandmother was a psychic medium, did séance work, and was a reverend — a bible-based spiritualist. Her paternal grandmother read tarot cards for everyone in her neighborhood. And Kathleen herself can remember connecting to the spiritual world from the age of three.

Tributary: Can you explain a little bit about what you do?

Johns: I use the term “psychic” because it’s a word that people understand. The work that I do is less prediction-based and more vision-based. When my clients come in, all I want from them is their name and birth date. I don’t want to know anything else. I tell them what I see around them, and they tell me if I’m on the right track. Then I tell them what I see coming for them, if they continue down this path. Or they can change it. I move my clients away from feeling that they have no control over their lives, to stepping into their own lives as a co-creator. I try to help my clients move away from fear to a more creative way of thinking, a more love-based feeling. I would say that when people think of about psychics they think about Madame Cleo, but I don’t do that sort of thing. Everybody has a soul print, much like a fingerprint, I happen to be very good at accessing each person’s individual essence. Helping them to go in a direction that will best benefit them.

We have to step up and create our own reality. And that’s what I teach. I give people the information and the tools to move forward. So that they don’t have to feel like victims of circumstance. My greatest hope for my clients that they outgrow my services. That would mean they’ve learned how to activate their own reality.

Tributary: Do you teach people a type of creative visualization technique?

Johns: Yes, but I think it’s a little bit more subtle than that. When I see what I see for them, it’s kind of like going down a path and you’re in control of a car but you don’t know how to use the brakes, you don’t know how to use the steering. I can visualize what is coming next, but unless they step into the car and get behind the wheel, learn how to use all the tools, what good is my work? They have to be willing to actively participate in their own life to make it beautiful for themselves. It’s a catalyst for a call to action. Sometimes people come in and I tell them stuff. They may get angry or think, “whatever,” and I don’t hear from them for a couple of months or even years. When I do hear from them they say, you know that stuff you told me about?  Well, I wasn’t ready to hear it. But I see how it manifested in my life and now I really need help.

Some people are completely open. It’s a gentle guiding for them. Because we overuse spoken language we’ve gotten away from all the different levels of communication. Before we had spoken language, how did the cavemen communicate? Gestures, voice expression, signals, but they didn’t have the same language as we do, and they certainly didn’t have a large language base. We’ve used that to get away from what we really feel. What I hope to have people do is to get back to how to their feelings and intuition.  Our ESP has gone by the wayside because we’re not taught to be our own spiritual experts.

Tributary: So, are you saying we all have a sixth sense?

Johns: Everyone does. It can vary as little as mother’s intuition, or as much as people that have dreams about events – prophesizing and not really knowing what to do with that information. Everybody has something like a radio antenna that sticks up in the air. Certain things cling to it and certain things don’t. And I think that is something we don’t really realize in our culture because we’re so busy being fed information that’s supposed to be important that we’re not listening to what is important.

Tributary: Can you explain your idea of a soul print?

Johns: To me everybody has an energy inside of them that is different than anybody else’s. Some might say that I can read people well. From facial expressions, body language, etc., but I have many clients I’ve never met. Spoken to them by phone only, never seen pictures of them, never knew anything about them except their name and their birth date, maybe where they’re calling from. So to me, the soul print isn’t something you can see by looking at them. You have to look into them. I believe it’s an electromagnetic energetic connection. I tend to gravitate more toward metaphysics and science to explain what I do, rather than superstition or any of that kind of stuff. I feel we all give off an electromagnetic energy that is with our body and has always been with us, and when we die it can still linger. I have always been able to read those fields.

Tributary: How you do that over the phone?

Johns: Phones are electric. I can do it over the internet. I’ve read for people via email and all they do is send me message and I type what I feel and send it back. We’re all one. We all share electrical connection. Electricity may be too simple a word – it’s that spark that’s in every human and we all share that. That’s how I do what I do – because we’re all living beings. I say that because I’ve read for animals. A lot of horse reading, dogs, cats and reading entities – historical places that have hauntings – it’s an electromagnetic energy field that I’m highly sensitive to. And that’s what I believe the soul print is, for lack of a better understanding.

Tributary: How do you read these energy fields?

Johns: I get pictures in my head and a story starts to come up and I just say whatever I see. I can say something outrageous, like is your grandfather’s name Angus? And they say, yes, he died three days ago. Or something very general, were you raised near the water and moved to the mountains when you were three? And how I get that information is from the visions I see, almost like a film. The story starts to unravel in my head. My rate of connection is 90-percent or better.

Tributary: Are you doing some different kinds of things these days?

Johns: I have recently received my Reiki Master, which is a kind of energy work, I’m also doing some crystal therapy. I am a student of thought field technique or emotional freedom technique – a serious of tappings and affirmations to help people get away from cravings, obsessive thoughts, to control eating habits, addictions – it’s something I picked up in Europe and very much on the cutting edge of mind/body connections.

The other thing that I’ve been doing is moving more into spiritual life coaching with people. So they pick a topic that they want to have manifest into their life, a vision or a dream. And step by step we go through a process of opening that door, stepping into the reality of what will it take to make that happen, and manifesting this dream. It’s been very powerful.

Article from the Bozeman Daily Chronicle

By KAYLEY MENDENHALL, Chronicle Staff Writer

Kathleen (Jillson) Johns believes she was gifted at birth. The gift she possesses is not like having musical talent or above average math skills — Johns is a psychic.

“Both of my grandmothers were psychic,” she said. “From the age of 3 or 3-and-a-half, I’ve known an alternate reality.”

For many years Johns shied away from the term “psychic” and called herself an intuitive or clairvoyant instead. The image created by television psychics complete with turbans, colorful robes and 1-900 numbers was not what she wanted for herself.

Those people are actors, she said, not real psychics.

But now, Johns is embracing the title and using her own credibility in the community to run a successful business.

She has visited historic buildings and learned secrets from the ghosts that haunt them. She has predicted unexpected inheritances and the births of babies. But mostly Johns spends her days counseling clients and teaching them to see their lives in different ways.

“There are a lot of judgments around that word and what that actually means. For centuries people with sensitivities have been burned at the stake,” said Laura Seitz, a long-time friend of Johns. “For a community like Bozeman it takes a lot of chutzpah, to put yourself out there.”

Seitz said she has seen how people gravitate toward Johns professionally and on a personal level. She said Johns is a kind and generous friend who understands people’s boundaries.

“People are wary that somehow she will know more about you than you want, but she is just so respectful,” Seitz said.

Johns, who declined to reveal her age, said growing up in a family of psychics helped her accept her gift at an early age, although she didn’t discuss it with her Catholic school classmates. She didn’t fully understand her abilities until she was 19 or 20 years old. A few years later, Johns switched careers to do psychic readings and spiritual healing full-time.

“I was in hotel, restaurant and retail management,” she said. “I had a promising normal career but it wasn’t doing anything for my heart. My soul was uninspired. I had no zest for life. It was boring, really boring.”

Nearly 12 years later, Johns has an office above John Bozeman’s Bistro on Main Street. Her list of clients ranges from lawyers, doctors, and therapists to bull riders, private investigators and strippers.

But sometimes being a psychic is wearing. At parties, when someone asks what Johns does for a living, the entire conversation often focuses on her psychic abilities for hours.

“If there is one thing I could change about what I do, it’s that people could see me, Kathleen, away from Kathleen the psychic,” she said. “I have trips and falls. I get sick. I have setbacks and disappointments just like anybody.

“Having psychic abilities does not exempt me from the human experience.”