A Few Words From Kathleen’s Clients…

“I had been at a very skeptical point in my life when I first planned to meet with Kathleen. My life had been generally prolonged and I was searching for an adjustment. I had thought long and hard about possible changes and plans I might follow, and came up with a relatively feasible option just the night before my appointment.

That next day, I found myself sitting in front of a modern psychic, Kathleen Johns. Here she told me what she felt about issues that I mentioned here and there. She then told me about what I would soon be doing, which followed my (secret) newly established plans absolutely perfectly. I look back today and am still amazed as everything Kathleen has ever mentioned to me has been revealed in my life.

Thank you for helping me along the way in my life, for opening my mind, and for being a wonderful person!”

Bozeman, MT

“Kathleen is so extremely talented at what she does. My family and I have used her many times and we always feel so relieved and elated after our sessions with her. I can’t tell you how insightful and true her readings are, everything she says comes to fruition at some point or another. We find ourselves having constant ah hah moments weeks, months and even a year after our readings with her. I have and will continue to recommend her to my family and friends in the years to come. Thanks Kathleen!”

A.O.L. -Entrepreneur, LasVegas, NV

“I met Kathleen at one of her Business Development Workshops in Big Sky, MT.  At the time, I had just been promoted to Director of Development for a franchise of coffee shops. My projected goal that year was to take our franchises from 35 shops to 100 shops based on a business model created by the CEO.  The business model was not designed to support that much growth in 12 months and Kathleen immediately picked that up. With Kathleen’s help I was able to pinpoint the critical areas that had to be restructured first and also learned some new skills to keep staff and colleagues motivated and energized during this period of change.  I am proud to say WE DID IT.  Our company is continuing to grow even through tough economic times and will be opening several new franchise locations this quarter. Kathleen Johns’  insights probably saved my job and helped me to fully enjoy  challenges faced along my way.”

D. C. -Green Bay, WI

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