Kathleen Johns
Master Psychic

Hi. I am Kathleen (Jillson) Johns and I am a Master Psychic.  Welcome to my website.

I was gifted at birth (a natural psychic) with a keen ability to “see” and have been using that gift as a professional psychic for almost three decades. I am a second generation psychic. My paternal grandmother read the Tarot and my maternal grandmother, Reverend Marjorie Moon of Los Angeles, was a medium and clairvoyant psychic as well as a minister.

I can recall “seeing” psychic impressions before the age of four. My psychic gifts include clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, precognition, retrocognition,  remote viewing, telepathy, psychometry, empathic intuition and more.

My work has evolved over the last 25+ years to include tarot, psychic reading,  paranormal investigation, E.F.T., Reiki, chakra scanning/clearing and much more. I also write for magazines and online journals regarding wellness/holistic living, metaphysics and other subjects. I choose to use the word “psychic” to explain my work because it means, simply, “of the soul”.  My work is not mind reading nor magic. It is based on metaphysics-anything that exists outside of natural law-that which cannot be observed. In other words just because one cannot see psychic information or phenomenon  does not mean that the information is not real or have a useful element to it. My work over the years has been critiqued by clients, online reviews and peers and my overall accuracy rate is at 85%. Over the last three decades I have worked and/or studied with New Age notables such as Shakti Gawain, Dan Millman, Debbie Ford, Robert Moss and others to understand and hone my many gifts and learn to use those gifts effectively with my clientele.

I partner with each of my clients to help them uncover their true psychic nature to help them become the soul they were born to be. Together we see the path ahead, or behind, and talk about how to navigate that path optimally to attain the best results for happiness, health and balance. It may help you to write down a list of questions that you would like me to answer before we work together. Put the list in your pocket or journal and bring it with you when we talk-but please do not show me the questions. When we are finished talking you can take out the list and make sure I answered your questions.

100% CONFIDENTIAL.  Confidentiality has always been a very important promise from me to each of my clients.  Please know that what we discuss in psychic session does not leave my office-my lips are sealed!  My client list is private and is not shared with anyone.  If you decide to share your reading experiences with a friend or family that is great-I appreciate referrals.  Word of mouth is my best advertisement.

For more details about my work visit my FAQ page.  To book a session click here.

The services I offer are not a substitute for professional medical, legal or psychological services. All people have at their fingertips the ability to exercise their Free Will.

When you own your life and your choices, living optimally is empowering!

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